Sunday, March 21, 2004

I got to wonder...


I got to wonder...
By Kazz Falcon

I got to wonder...
He wouldn't give me that much effection
He wouldn't hold hands
He wouldn't kiss me
He wouldn't look in my eyes
He wouldn't hold me in his arms
He wouldn't sleep with me
He wouldn't talk to me
He wouldn't come home
Things was fabulous in the beginning
Lately, he gave me the cold shoulder
I tried to talk to him
He just walk away from me
We hardly have any fights
It couldn't be me
I got to wonder...
It is really me?
Doesn't he find me attraction?
Doesn't he find me beautiful?
Doesn't he find me smart?
Doesn't he find me funny
Doesn't he find me positive?
Doesn't he find me truthworthy
I got to wonder...
I thought we would enjoy our lives
I thought we would be in love forever
I thought we would conquer anything
I thought we would face our troubles
I thought we would grow old together
What happened to us?
I got to wonder...