Tuesday, March 9, 2004

Gary BUSTED me!!


Gary: I got a question.

Me: Fire away.

Gary: I'm sorry that I saw what something you may not have told me. Gay boards

Gary: That I think you didn't want to tell me, but it might not be you.

Me: I didn't tell you. That's the truth. Like I said, I am TAINTED!

Damn, what I was thinking? Why on God's green earth I told him the truth? I made a drastic mistake. I was being so careful. I don't want to end up in jail for the attempted murder on my ex, Miguel.

I hoped Gary doesn't call the police nor no one does! I hoped he doesn't im me any more. I can't slip up again. Telling him my full name was a huge mistake. All these years, I was calm and cool.

Now, the guard is down.

Last night, Gary looked me up on google. The post came back to haunt me. I completely forgot about the post on gay.com. Some people was getting too close to the attempted murder. I won't open my mouth anymore; the police won't get an confession from me.

I must better lay off the drugs/booze for a while. I was getting careless. I came too far; then again, the booze was getting rid the guilt for me.