Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Empty Words


Empty Words
by Kazz Falcon

Empty Words
"I'm sorry"
I know I kept on making mistakes.
Please forgive me for the upteenth time
I would never ever do it again
I promised you with all my heart.
I would remain faithful
I won't turn the other cheek
"I'm sorry"
I hoped you believe me this time
I really hope so
You have more faith in our love
Please forgive me
I am counting on yr faith to get us through
I won't count out our love again
"I'm sorry"
I would do anything
I would stop seeing her
I would erase her from my mind
I would move out of town with you
I would tear up her phone number
"I'm sorry"
I am begging for another chance
I just can't live without you
I know I made so many mistakes
I can't see my life without you
You are the one for me
Please, pretty please take me serious
Please believe me
Please trust me
Please forgive me
Look at my tears
They are as real as "I'm sorry."
Empty words