Thursday, March 18, 2004

Why The Letter??


Why The Letter?

Confession is good to the soul. I killed Steve and buried the past. No one will ever turn me into the police. At least, Steve' murder is out in the open. I felt less guilty now. It is such an relief that I don't have to keep it inside of me any more.

But you should have gone to prison,and you should not be publishing such a letter,you carry on while a life was lost,and you seem proud of that.

His family suffers,his friends suffered,yet you kept it a secret,I hope this follows you the rest of your life,and that he looks down at you all the time shaking his head,he paid a big price for your not being honest.

I hope you are happy!

Well said! I am happy that I got away with murder. Yet, the police will not arrest me at all. Some people need to grant their last dying wish, which I fillfulled. He is happier in death than he was alive. I can't deny his true happiness. I did a good thing afterall. He wanted that way.

Have a nice week.