Tuesday, March 9, 2004

3/4/04 Thursday


I have a quicky funny SCAREY story to tell u from this morning!
I ran into some trouble with the police at the bus stop.
I was waiting for the bus, playing the Tetris game on gameboy.
I looked up and noticed the police got out of the car.
I figured they were going somewhere.
They went straight to me and.........presto, i was an suspect! lol
They wanted to see me ID.
At first, I refused.
I wanted to know why
They asked me if I was sptting on people.
I said, "No."
They asked me for my ID again; I gave them my bus ID.
They continued to ask about spitting.
I told them many times "NO, I did not spit on anyone!"
They didn't believed me at all.
The police mentioned he wore a white t shirt and a leather coat!
FOr a monent I was worried.
I got scared.......so badly, i wanted to run away.
It really look like I did the spitting on someone.
I was also wearing a white t shirt and a leather coat!
Of course, they thought I really did it!
The black guy who called the police showed up and confessed I was not the one!
The spitting guy had CURLY HAIR, white t shirt, the leather coat and BLACK sunglasses!
I was so gay happy that I was off the hook, thanx to the black guy.
I don't have CURLY HAIR or black sunglass; my hair is short and I am FOUR EYES FREAK! lol
If that black guy didn't show up; I bet I will end up in jail for the weekend! LOL
It could have been worse!
The spitting guy could have robbed a bank or something bad!
Thanx God that it was not a MAJOR CRIME!