Wednesday, June 9, 2004

Wednesday 6/9/04


Miguel wanted to buy some black dress pants at Out Of the Closet, not the gay closet! LOL. The Closet is a thift store. We took the bus to downtown LA for the sub way. We got off at Bob Hope square. That's Hollywood/Vine corner to u! He tried to call Max about his stuff; no such luck.

He told me to wait for him at the corner. I was glad I brought the gameboy with me. I waited for a long time. He finally called me, "meet me at gay center." I arrived, "let's get a Taxi Van." It was a bad ideal; the bed will not fit. So, I brought up U Haul. We were down the street. He thought it was on Santa Monica/Highland. Nope, U Haul was near the banks on Vermount.

I was there a few times. Robert and I rented a truck to move from Miguel's place on Cherokee in 2002. The moment I got my Waterloo place, I didn't want to wait at all. Without telling MigueL, I moved! Much to my suprise, Miguel was there, passed out on the bed.

Any way, We took the bus Hollywood/Vine. Miguel need to use the restroom. The Frolic Room was closed. We hoped on the subway. I was thisclose to mention that he can use the restroom at the hospital. Suddenly, he got off the subway even before I had a chance to tell him about the hospital. We went to a place. I brought a coke to use the restroom. U know the drill, Customers Only rule! So, we both used it. He brougth a bag of chips. We were on the way. We got off the bus.

I said "I need to get some money. LEt's be on the safe side." He waited for me at the bus stop. I got the cash. We went to U Haul. I paid in cash for the truck; Miguel didn't have no credit card or ID. I had the credit card, ID AND two phone numbers. It was my first time to drive an U HAUL truck! Man, I was nervouse as hell. I hate driving big things except my own! Hehe.

We picked up his stuff. I saw Max confronted Miguel about the drugs. Max wants to know who took his drugs. Miguel can't remember his name. I really think Miguel was the one. I didn't talk to Max about it; it was none of my bizwax. Max mentioned that he would have kill him for taking his drugs. We got home; Miguel was in great pain; his muscle popped out during the move. We rested for a while. He drank some alcohol to cease the pain. He showed me the muscle; it was really bad. He finally popped the muscle back in. we rested more then we unpacked his things!