Friday, June 11, 2004

Damn Miguel!


We woke up at 4 AM. He needs to work at 6 AM again. He got ready. He said, "I love you." I didn't even respond to him. I was still mad about last night. He can't come home drunk again. Last night was the final straw. I really thought I was helping him out. Boy, I need to put a stop to it. He can't do it any more. I won't allow it. This was my home. He won't mess up my safe haven at all. He said, "I love you" again. Those words was empty; it doesn't mean anything to me. He went to work.

Today felt like the weekend. There was no soaps because of the Ronald Reagan Funeral. I turned on the TV. Much to my suprised, Bold & Beautiful was on! Say what? The soaps wasn't on today. Every network showned the funeral! Man, I hoped I didn't miss Y&R again! I missed it last monday. I forgot to put the tape it. It looked like I missed Y&R again. Days Of Our Lives wasn't on at 1 PM, but As The World Turns and One Life to Live was on. I wantedto see OLTL; ABC didn't come in clearly. So, I watched ATWT. James Steinbeck was talking to the camera in prison. It was hard not to change the channel. James was quite fagulous.

I looked at CBS site. I found that some areas saw today's Y&R and some didn't. That's good to know. Thank God that I didn't miss my favourite soap! Yesterday, Kevin Fisher told his mother that he was going to Canada; the police was after him again; he escaped the mental hospital. Kevin opened the door and saw his half brother, Michael Baldwin. Michael knew Kevin was at their mom's place in Detroit. Michael doesn't know that the police is trailing him to find Kevin! Y&R is the best soap today; Kevin and Michael are awesome as brothers! We just can't get enough of them and Joan Van Ark as their mother, Gloria Fisher! Most Y&R fans love them very much.

From CBS web site......

Please Note: Due to special CBS News coverage of President Ronald Reagan’s funeral services on Friday, June 11, Y&R will be fully preempted on the East Coast. But you won’t miss a thing! Friday’s episode of Y&R will air on Monday. On the West Coast, a classic episode of Y&R or Price will air.

I watched Passions too. I gave up that boring soaps few months ago. I was fed up with the slowest moving storylines! It was the same old storylines! Ivy want to see Eve; they need to stop Eve's sister, Liz, from destroying their lifes. They both got drunk in Eve's office. Eve mentioned that she was the one who injured TC long time ago. It wasn't Julian's fault. Some hitman tried to kill Martin and Katherine. Martin and hinm fought over the gun. The gun went off. Katherine believed that Martin was dead. Suddenly, the hitman noticed he was shot. Martin and Katherine was relieved. Martine wants her to leave the city; she refused. Martin wanted to dump the body. They didn't know that Alistair was watching from afar. Alistair want Martin dead for stealing his wife! And so on and so on.......

Michael called me throughout the day. The death and the funeral took a toll on him. He can't stop crying; it was too emotional for him. I care less about Ronald Reagan's funeral. I was not that interest. Ronald was no JFK! I got some money from Miguel. He wouldn't mind at all. I need to get some french dressing and dr. Pepper. I brought the stuff at Poineer. Most times, I get my soft drinks there. It is always .99 cent. I waited for the bus. Michael called me. HE want me to look up an address for him on the web. He will call back in 20 minutes. I put the stuff away. I couldn't find the address. Oh well, he find the address in his book. Michael said "I will come over to do an flyer for astrology job tomorrow."

Once again, Miguel didn't showed up again. 5 PM came with no signs of him. I figured that he doesn't want to face me about last night. He knows I was pretty upset with him. Low and behold, Miguel come home DRUNK AGAIN after 11 PM! Hello! Now, i was really angry with him. Two times in a row, HELL NO! I posted my troubles on the soap forum! Jermahon always listens to me; she is a great help! She was like a second mother.

Miguel was passed out cold on the bed. I checked his bag and pants. My God! He hardly have any money, except a few dollars. Man, I wanted the BIG money! I found his secret money; $130. I hid it from him. He won't spend a dime of that money. He got to save his damn money! I found something very interesting in his daybook. Would you believed that Miguel already got his first paycheck from his new job? Miguel didn't tell me at all. That sneaky bastard! Now, he have no reason to stay with me. He can stay at the hotel. Well, I have to tell him that he must leave. If he wants to come home drunk; he can do it at the hotel!

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