Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Dear Miguel's Family


Dear Miguel's Family,

I am giving you a FAIR WARNING about Miguel Garcia.
He is a raging alcoholic; his drinking is really out of control.
I recently learned that he is homeless since earlier this year.
Miguel brought it on all by himself.
I won't have to lift a finger.
I will give him the poison.
He will drink it till he dies or get help.
I won't force him or make him to drink the poison.
After all, he really loves the taste of poison.
He don't mind the poision in his drink.
If you guys don't help him, it will be on your head if the worst happens to him.
My hands are clean of the alcoholic.
Miguel really needs help.
Please open up your eyes and see the painful truth.
At least, I told u about his out of control drinking.
Thanx for listening.