Thursday, June 10, 2004

Thursday 6/10/04


I came upon another average BORING day. My days are usually like that, pretty freaking boring. That is why I haven't did my journal this past few months. There was nothing exciting to write about. Some boring life I have!

We woke up about 4 AM. Miguel goes to work at 6 AM. He always leave by 4:45 AM to catch the bus. He mentioned he gets off at 5 PM. Sometimes, I don't go back to sleep. It was hard to go back to sleep. By 4:45 AM comes around, I will be wide awake. I tried to fell asleep. Once I woke up, my day begins. One time, Miguel woke up at 4 AM. That same night, I didn't went to bed till he left for work. There was no sense of going to sleep at 1/2 AM. Two/three hours sleep won't cut it for me.

I couldn't able to fell asleep. I had things to do. I watched KTLA morning news for a while. I ate breakfast. I cleaned the U Haul truck. Some stupid teen wrote on the passanger door. I washed it off. I took the truck back. I picked up the mail at the post office. I brought some video games at Best Buy and Target. I went home.

I looked at the time; 6 PM. Hmm. Miguel didn't come home yet. It was getting late. I waited another hour. There was no sign of him. I got hungry. I ate an tv dinner. There was no reason to cook for Miguel. It was still late. Couple more hours, Miguel was still out. I wondered what happen to him. He said he will be home by 5. It was about 10. Miguel haven't call either. He know the phone number by heart. I wasn't online all the much in the evening. He could have buzz me. I had enough of the boredom and signed online again.

I got tired of waiting. The sleep was getting to me. I just went to bed. I haven't getting any sleep lately. Miguel wake up at 4/5 AM for work. My sleep pattern went to hell. I normally go to bed about 1 AM and get up late. I was in a deep sleep. I heard a noise from outside of the window. At first, I thought I was dreaming. No, it was only Miguel saying my name and knocking on the window. I didn't want to get up at all. I was in sleep mode.

I tapped on the window. I put on the shorts. Most times, I sleep in the nude. I started last year. Miguel loves to sllep naked. It was like that since we lived together on Gramercy few years ago. He wanted me to sleep in the nude. I refused; I knew what will happen. Whenever my friends spend the night, no nude in bed.

I let him in the door. DEAR LORD! He came home drunk! So much, I wanted to talk to him. Mother Nature was calling me! I returned to him in the room. He was already laying down on the floor with his white blanket. I tried to get him to the bed. He wanted to left alone; "nobody cares for him." Hello, I do care! I was letting him to stay with me for two weeks. I got in the bed, eyes closed. Miguel took a shower. I put the white blanket on the bed and went back to bed. I really hate when someone sleeps on the floor; my bed is BIG enough for three people!

I turned on the tv; I couldn't sleep. Taxi was on. Miguel ate something at the desk; he was that drunk. We watched Oprah for a while; Nate was on. I like Nate; one handsome dude. The Ugliest Room was back. I think I saw this one before. Miguel jumped in bed. The TV was off.

So much, I wanted to talk to him. He just can't come home drunk at all. I never ever want to relive history again! Once was enough. Now, he can't mess up at all. I was his only hope. He had no place else to go. He doesn't want to live with his sister in Whittier nor his ex lover's place in West Hollywood. What can I do? It was late to talk to him. He won't listen to my words. Well, I might as well talk to him tomorrow!

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