Saturday, June 12, 2004

Honest Thief


What can I say? This morning, Miguel almost found me out about the $130 money. Well, I was trying to save him some money. This past two nights, he came home DRUNK as a skunk! Since he wants to get drunk, he won't be drunk at my place any more. I put my foot down for once and for all. Then again, was i that honest about the money?

I was an honest thief! Was there a such thing as a honest thief? Hmm. It really depends on your look at it. Miguel promised me that he will pay me back for renting the U Haul truck on Wednesday. So far, he haven't. So, I took upon myself and pay me back with his own money. At the rate he was going this past two nights, it looked like he won't pay me back at all. I was looking for my best interest. You guys will probably do the same exact thing. You will steal your money back!

That is the God honest truth! See, I am an honest thief! LOL

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