Friday, June 18, 2004

6/18/04, Friday


5:35 AM - Miguel woke me up by calling my name and knocking on the window. Damn, him again? I was sleeping pretty well. I wanted to sleep again. He went at it for a while. I didn't get out of bed. I used the same trick - his pager. This time, I used Olga's phone number. He may called her back. I tried Olga's number three times. Olga should be up about this time. I heard nothing for a while. The moment I fell asleep, he knocked on the door again. Man, I really need my sleep. After a while, he just left.

10:35 AM - I woke up. I was still tired. I laid in bed for a little while. Well, there will no TV today. I was missing Days Of Our Lives again. It came on 10 this past two days because of Tennis. I won't watch Y&R either till Sunday evening. I need to be quite as a mouse for the weekend. I don't want Miguel or anyone else to know I was here.

5 PM - I was doing the journal. Miguel showed up, calling my name from the sidewalk. I didn't even respond. I played the gameboy in bed. Someone buzzed him in. He knocked on my door. I loved being a mouse. For the better half of the life, I was the pussy. Meow! I heard someone talking to Miguel. It sounded like the aprartmnet manager was talking to him. I bet he chewed him out big time. Hmmm, I will get an earful from Chuck next week. He wants to know what's up with him. I better play it safe with him. I can't afford to lose my apartment.

What did I did? Throughout the day, I was online, played Bomberman, nap, eat and ate cheese all day long. "Squeek, squeek!" said the tired mouse. Basicly, I stayed out of trouble or harm's way, whatever comes first. LOL. Miguel called a few times - 10:50 AM, 12:42 PM and 8:47 PM which I purposedly missed! Me, bad!

I answered the one at 3:49 PM. I told him that I was in Long Beach with my friend to get his MTA ID card. Miguel was disappointed thou; he wanted to come over. Hey, what can I do? He need to learn that he can't ALWAYS depend on me whether I was home or not. He will get sick and tired of me letting him down. Hopefully, he will count on someone else! Please God! He need someone........better yet, get him the help he needs with his drinking problem.

Maybe, I will sleep peacefully tonight if Miguel doesn't interupt my beauty sleep.