Saturday, June 12, 2004

Saturday 6/12


U read The Honest Thief, didn't you? hehe

4 AM, we woke up. We both didn't get any sleep last night. He kept on moving around like a fish on dry land. Right now, I am feeling it big time.

He took an shower. I was so tired that I just stay in bed. I want to sleep again! He got dressed for work. I noticed he was looking for the money I took.........some says, "STEAL." Whatever, dude! In my self defense, I was an honest thief!

He looked everywhere for his money. I pretended I didn't know about it. He was convinced it was where he put it. Man, he was so right. I was kind enough to look for the money. Hey, after all, I was a nice person! LOL

Really, the money was rightfully mine. I paid for the U Haul truck! I had an plan in motion about the money. I will persaude him that he spent it at the clubs this past two nights. We all know that alcoholics loves to SPEND MONEY! See, I got it made! You can say that I am one sneaky fox. The Golden Egg was all mine for keeps.

He didn't have enough time to search for the money; the bus was coming any minute! I wondered what ttime he gets off. He gave me attitude, "Why? You won't answer the phone." Hello, I forgot to put the phone on the ringer. Then he left the door opened and took off. I shut the door. I slept till 10 something. I got the nerve to search through his things. There got to be something there, but what?

Hey, I can break into his bank account again. I didn't get in any trouble the last time. Boy, the fun i had in 2002. Hmmm, where to begin? Well, I got his SSI number, his sister's address and, presto, I was him online! They called it Identify Theft! Oh, boy! I stole his identify! LOL

My, I need to look out for myself. I just opened up his banking account online. In a way, I control his account. I knew where the money went; mostly the clubs and the bathhouses. I was on the verge of being homeless again, all thanx to his drinking.

I looked at his papers. So far, there was no bank statements at all. I wondered why. Then it occurred to me, he ole the IRS over $2,000. He knew the IRS will get their money from his account. Well, I was out of luck. So badly, I wanted to break into his account once again! I can easily put the money in his account; also, his first paycheck. What was I thinking? If themoney was there, Miguel will spend it all the next day at the clubs. I know Miguel pretty damn well.

I struck gold. I came upon a State Farm Insurance paper. He was in a car accident in 1990. He wanted the insurance company to pay for the accident. Dear Lord! I was suprised at all. He told me he was in a car accident long time ago; before our time together. Well, when I lived with him on Gramercy, he was in about three car accidents from........drum rolls, please...............drunk driving! He also ended up in the hospital, not from a car accident. He coughed up blood at work from drinking too much alcohol. During that time, he found out that he was HIV +, thanx to me.

I still need to scan the insurance paper, among other things I will get sooner or later. I don't know why his family is in denied about his drinking problem. All the signs was there since the1990's. Yet, they don't want to accept the fact. Well, they have to WAKE UP before it's too damn late. I tried to tell them in a letter last year. Man, Olga got mad at me for saying such a thing. Oh well, I did my best with his family.

I put up his papers. I will look at them again soon. I will read all of them and scan them. If no one believes me, maybe the scan papers will open their eyes to the real truth; Miguel is a alcoholic. I will say it again. MIGUEL IS AN ALCOHOLIC!

I got the $130. I will use some to pay the phone bill and put the rest in a safe place where Miguel can't find it. I found the "lost $10." It was in my pants all this time. I thought I lost the money in the street when I went to Poineer Market. I put on the clothes and shoes. I wanted for the bus by 7/11. Michael called me, "I will be there in one hour." I told him I need to go to the bank and please don't leave my place. I got on the Sunset bus. I paid the phone bill. I took the subway to the bank. I put the money in my account. I wanted to stop by Circuit City for Super Mario Bros. I want that game again! I hink I will go some other time. I went home.

Michael arrived for his email and the flyer. I told him about Miguel; he came home drunk. He asked, "Is Miguel an voilent drunk?" Dear lord! This was the truth. Miguel was an happy drunk. He have never ever hit me once. He gave me his business card. It really look nice. I helped him with the flyer as I played Bomberman.He was really excited with the outcome. I noticed the missing person on the flyer. I mentioned it was GOING TOO FAR! He recently started doing the astrology for his new income. He recently made $40 from his lady. I really don't believed in that crap at all. We make our own lifes. We don't need to stars and the moon to make our lifes. He really knows the astrology quite well. He have been learning for years. He was ready to take on the world with the stars and the moon!

5:37 PM, an SOBER Miguel called me. He tried to make nice with me. He wanted to come straight home after work. I lied, "I was at a friend's house. I can meet you there in an hour." Then, he will get something to eat at the chinese restaurant by 7/11 till I meet him there. Yeah, whatever! Still, we have to talk about the two nights. We can't put it off any longer.

Michael sent another email and eat some Tuna. He doesn't want to be here when Miguel gets here. I decided I won't watch any tv this evening. I just don't want to blown my cover. I don't want him here tonight. I need some TIME ALONE! So farm, so good. Miguel haven't knock on the door or window. He believed I was really out with a friend!

People, sometimes we got to lie as long it is a GOOD REASON!

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