Saturday, June 12, 2004

Last Night 6/12


Last night, Miguel woke me up about 1:45 AM. I went to bed after midnight.

Miguel kept on knocking on the door and the window. Man, that went on between THIRTY MINUTES to an hour!

I didn't made a sound. I was quite as a mouse! I could have all the cheese i want! LOL
Miguel thought I was home by now. NOT!!!!

I am a pretty good actor! I should be on my favourite soap, Y&R or Days!

Earlier in the evening, Miguel called me on the phone. He wanted to come home.

Well, I lied my ass off big time! Oops, I take it back.........IT WAS ACTING!! hehe

I told him that I was at my friend's house. (Really, I was at my place with my good friend, Mike. I helped Mike with his flyer.)

He wondered when i will be home. I contunied to ACT.........NOT LIE, miss thing! I mentioned i will be in an hour.

Miguel told me that he will be at the chinese restuarant by 7/11. He was so hungry. I was too, but I didn't tell him!

Well, I never show up at the restaurant. I didn't want him to spend the night.

Mike finished up with his flyer and went to Kinkos. I just stay behind at home.

I didn't watch any tv or listen to the radio. Miguel will think I wasn't home yet.

Back to night............Miguel kept on knocking on the door.

A thought occurred to me.......I have to get rid of Miguel somehow.

Miguel can wake up the neighbors by all his banging. I just remembered he have a PAGER! I didn't know his number. So, I knew it was on his job resume in his daybook.

BINGO!! I called the pager.........first, 777. the noise stopped for a while. I laid in bed again.

I heard someone was buzzed in at the gate. Man, it was Miguel again, knocking on the door. He called out my name lots of time.

So, I called the pager again with my phone number!

He left to use the phone by 7/11.

He sounded so drunk on the phone.

He wondered why I was.............I lied "I was in Santa Monica with a friend at his place. We came back from the clubs. I wasn't coming home."

Miguel said that was okay. He will try to get someone to pick up for the night, then he will sleep with them at their place.

Then we hang up. I waited for another thirty minutes. Ahhh, that was no sign of him!

I can fall asleep peacefully.

Well, Miguel will be so tired for work in the morning! oh well!

My, what an wonderful alcoholic life he have! LOL