Thursday, June 17, 2004

6/17/04, Thursday


6/17/04, Thursday

Miguel may not go to San Fransico after all. He want to get the umemployment checks again. Earlier this year, he tried to get them. No can do. He just walked off the job. Therefore, he wasn't able for them. This time, He have a good chance of getting them. I don't think so. He only worked on the new job for a month and he was late two times for work. Yesterday, he will let go. They give him his walking papers. I don't think the money will be that much. He might as well go to SanFran for a new beginning.

He wanted to leave that morning. He took another nap; he was still tired with no place to stay. He always could stay at the shelter. The again, he will not last long there. They will kick him out for his drinking. I finally beat Warcrat 2 as a Orc. That pretty funny. The five years I played that game, I have never beat it at all. I was stuck sometimes; it was that hard. I gave up! Poor me! Now, I have to win as a human. I think I was at the last part. Even that was hard! The Orc kept on fighting on my land. I need to see a new plan against them.

Miguel was done with his nap. He asked, "Do you find the number?" Nope, I didn't even try, but I didn't told him that. He looked it up in the phonebook then he called the operator. He called the unemployment office and gave them everything they need. He need to send the walking papers to them. It was his proof that he was fired from the job. I told him that it was best to use my PO Box, not my address. I probably may move upstairs if they let me. I need to change all the addresses to the magazines too.

After 2 PM - Miguel was running late. He wanted to get a new ID. He doesn't have one. I think he lost his old one again and again! I mentioned I was going out too; I need to buy some Dr Pepper. He gave me some money. Ohh, how sweet he was! Only when he want something in return! He waited for me outside; he doesn't want anyone to see us together. I took my coat with me. I didn't see Miguel anywhere. I walked across the street. There he was; waiting at the corner a block down. He missed the bus. We got on the bus to Alvarado. He got off the bus to catch his bus across the street. I went to Poineer Market, then I went home. I had an sald for supper.

I didn't heard from him this evening. I bet he got drunk at the clubs again and again. He mentioned he will go to the bank first, then the DMV for the new ID. I don't think he didn't make it there. He must have went directly to the clubs. I didn't stay up that late. LAst night, I went to bed after 4 AM. Warcraft 2 kept me interest. I yelled and screamed at the game. It woke Miguel up a few times. Man, I was this close of winning. Instead, I was clobbered on their land! Boy, that level was pretty hard.

Good night! Time for my beauty sleep till Miguel comes to ruin the perfect sleep, which I desparately needed.