Sunday, June 13, 2004

Miguel's Family


Really, his sister wants no parts of me whatsoever. no one in his family wants to see me at all.


I AM GLAD U ASK!! hehe

It is not because we used to be lovers.

I already TRIED to warn them about his drinking problem.

A year ago, I sent Olga, his sister, an HEART FELT letter (LINK) about his problem.

Olga never write back to me.

Now, i recently learned from Miguel that Olga is really mad and upset about the letter.

Since i sent the letter, i haven't talk to his family in a long time.

At least, I tried my best to REACH OUT to them

Talking to them is a dead end street.

I need someone.......... (are u Listening, Jeanne Cooper?) talk to his family on my behalf.

The truth.......they really DO NOT KNOW what is going on with him.

They think he is still living with his friend, Max.


I know AS A FACT that Max and miguel have a falling out. Max believed that Miguel's friend took HIS DRUGS!


Dear Lord! Now what?

I don't think Miguel's friend took the drugs at all. I strongly suspect Miguel was the one.

Wednesday, Miguel and I got his things from Max.......we were about to move the TV, the last thing to go.

Max confronted him once again about the drugs. Max wanted to know what friend.

Miguel came up with lame excuse......."I can't remember his face or name."

I didn't talk to Max about was none of my bizwax. I really care less.

Max mentioned that he will have kill Miguel for the drugs.

ONe night, Max threatemed to kill him too about the drugs. So, Miguel came to me for help.

That is how Miguel come to me about an place to stay.

Miguel moved in with Max after he lost his job and apartment earlier this year.

Back to his family....they really don't know what is going on with Miguel at all.

They did not know that Miguel is homeless nor that Miguel and I are friends again!

His faimly is so blinded by the truth; drinking problem.

They need to open up their eyes before it is too damn late.

Maybe, I should write to his sister again............make that lots and lots and lots of letters till the truth sink in to their thick heads of theirs

What is sadness that the family think Miguel have no drinking problem

What is so FREAKING FUNNY that I am the REAL VILLIAN!

Me, an villian!


Writing to them is a waste of time......

Talking to Miguel is a waste of time.....

I am the villian because I tried to warn them about his drinking problem in the letter i sent over a year ago!

yet, the family is mad at me!

they believed I trashed his good name!

Here is HARSH REALITY for his family.

If Miguel died from his drinking problem, it will be on THEIR HANDS, not mine!

I did my best to WARN them!