Thursday, January 22, 2004

Hello, Sweethearts!


"I suggest you do not call me sweetheart, because I am most certainly not your sweetheart." - Bow down to the Spoiler Queen!!! (LOLLYY)

Damn, Lollyy gave me an NASTY attitude for being friendly.

I really did nothing wrong at all. I was being friendly.

Of course, I replied to her HATEFUL post.......

"look, sweetheart!

do not tell me what to do.

i was being FRIENDLY!

there is nothing wrong being friendly with everyone!

top it all, it is such a honor to be call a SWEETHEART by anyone!!

next thing, u will say to everyone, "Do not WAVE at me!"

waving at someone is friendly as much as saying sweetheart!"

that was a good response to her......then I put her on ignore.

Yeah, i put called her a sweetheart again! lol

Well, since she is not a sweetheart, she is a SOURHEART!

Sourheart fits her to the tee!

It is too bad we don't live in the same city. If we did, I won't wave at her.

I will FLIP HER OFF! rofl

"it's a nice term of endearment" - Jermahon

thanx for that comment. I agreed with my other friend 100%! I called everyone sweetheart
many times in the forums before and I won't stop now!

it is just me!

my gay best friend in Dallas always say that to me all the time. It just rub on me. Thanx to Kevin, i say it now.

Why? It is a nice gesture on my behalf.

also, I say BABE all the time too or MISS THING!!

Sweetheart, Babe, Miss Thing are just POSITIVE words!

In her case, she will be known as SOURHEART! hehe

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