Saturday, January 3, 2004

1/3/04 Saturday


Peter called me about Today's plans. I need to pick up my mail, but I could do it on Monday. He wanted to come over to the village for a while. It should be an hour - TOPS! I called him back, "go ahead without me; I can meet u there." There was no sense of going to their place and catch the darn bus again! I took the bus #2 come. I won't wait for bus #4.......only the first bus.

I got off Highland/Sunset and walked to the Village. I didn't rush; I just took my sweet ass time. I took my usual route. I entered the Cyber Center. Peter was on the first computer. I playfully put my hand on his head to get his attention. I signed in with the lady. She put me at #4 by Brian. Brian mentioned they got there 10 minutes ago.

I didn't have that much fun online; it was so freaking boring! Brian's time was up; I went out with him. I was bored of the place. Peter stayed on pass his time. We just waited in the lobby for him. I used the restroom. I brought out Olga's letter; Brian thought it was good. At least, they will know about Miguel and I. I sealed the letter in the envelope and put it in the backpack.

We got the mail; I mailed Olga's letter. I realized I forgot the blue one at home. I will go to the bank tomorrow. The library was such a bored; I played Tetris. Brian wanted to leave. 30 more minutes to go on the web. I didn't want him to miss his chance. Peter and I looked at a QUEER book; i really like that book. The Michael Alig article got my attention; Brian read it. Peter went online again and I thought I was bad! lol

Peter invited me to watch the movies at their place; no thanx! I just want to go home; it was too damn cold! On the bus, Peter asked "Are u going home." I looked back, "YES!!" They didn't say goodbye; my mind was on Tetris! I arrived home, freezing! I turned on the heater and that was about it!

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