Thursday, December 11, 2003

Heather Tom


Today, Heather Tom debuted in her Kelly Cramer role on ABC's One Life To Live. She was impression; she can back up her talent big time!

I was expecting more of Heather Tom on Today's show. From what I seen with Kelly and the previous Kelly, Heather Tom pulled it off! I felt like Heather was more Kelly than Tracy Melchior ever was this past six months.

I think I started to watch OLTL once again! I wished I didn't stop watching few months ago. I am familiar with most characters, than the storylines!

Tracy was the reason I stop watching OLTL. Her Kelly didn't do anything for me. I couldn't see Tracy as Kelly!

Tracy was better off on Bold & Beautiful. Then again, B&B wasted her talents on that soap. I really like Tracy on Sunset Beach!

Heather Tom is my Kelly as much as she was my VICKY NEWMAN! She was on Y&R from 1991 -2003; she did one hell of a job! Lots of fans were pretty upset that Y&R let her go.

Heather tried her luck in NYC for soaps and theater. She also tried out for The View co host job on October 30/31. The View job went to Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who finished fourth on Survivor: The Australian Outback, on my 34th Birthday.

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