Saturday, December 20, 2003



"Nothing wrong with taking some time off from the forum to get your creative juices going. I hope you'll find that motivation you're searching for.....& sooner rather than later. Good luck!"

It is just not the forums, it is just life itself. i am tired of wasting my time doing nothing. There is more out there for me. I need to look for it, but where?

it is really driving me up on the boredom wall. if i don't find anything soon with my life, i may i will end up doing something stupid.

"Don't you DARE do something stupid!"

Trust me I have been doing something stupid lately;I haven't get caught yet. I may not go to great lengths as Amy Fisher and other seedy people, but somehow, I will get notice at any cost!

Desperate times call for desperate measures

"The answers you're looking for are out there somewhere, so just keep searching for them."

I gave up the search long time ago.

"Don't give up on yourself or doubt your self worth."

it doesn't matter anymore. I had nothing to be motivated.

"You have something to offer the world, everyone does if they look hard enough."

yet, the world ignores me! Top it all, no one takes me serious at all.

"Try to decide what your greatest strengths are & then look for a way to market those so that you can get some satisfaction from what you're doing."

No one is willing to give me a chance or a break.

"WE HAVE FAITH IN YOU, ALIEN.....never forget that!"

as long as someone have been on SSI, u will get bored quickly.

It is not the life I want any more!

I might be depressed, but I hides it pretty well from everyone! I don't think seeing a shrink will do me anything good. Some people is like that with shrinks. It didn't work before

"One thing I do know, & that's that deliberately checking out is NEVER the best answer!"

I never mention Suicide at all. How can I commit suicide when I am ALREADY DEAD?

I really don't have a life at all. A life is doing something with your life. I don't have that life, just a boring nothing to do life.

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