Monday, December 22, 2003

OUTED Terry Lester


Today, I was at another forum on yahoo. Someone had heard that people suspected Terry was gay. So the Aids thing wouldn't be out of the question.

I set them STRAIGHT! I said, "You heard right! Terry is gay! I know that as a fact. It doesn't matter to me that Terry is gay. He cruised guys at some gay clubs in LA."

Oops, I let the pussy out of the bag! Shame on me! LOL

I want to get on their case for the AIDS thing comment. AIDS is not a gay disease; anyone can get it.

For some stupid reason, AIDS is assocatied to the homosexuals.

they really need to get the STRAIGHT FACTS! hehe

Few weeks ago, I wanted to tell everyone that Terry is gay........BUT I had a sick feeling inside of me that someone will bring up the Gay/AIDS connection.

So, I was against of OUTING Terry Lester to the world!

1 comment:

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