Thursday, December 25, 2003

World Idol


World Idol was on FOX at 8PM, Thursday night. Other countries's IDOLS will compete for the World Idol. Some were from Germany, Australia, Canada, Holland, South Africa, Belguim, UK, Norway and others.

So did you see World Idol? Don't forget to CLICK on the links!

There were a few CONTESTANTS I love. Will Young, whom I have been a big fan since he won the FIRST EVER Pop Idol in the UK!

Peter Evrard, Belguim, was awesome with the NIRVANA song. Really, I think he has a good chance of winning the World Idol. He did suprised everyone when he sung the Ricky Martin song. He can sing any songs.

Ryan Malcolm was pretty good, I like his singing voice.

I think Kurt Nilsen was the underdog; I also like his voice too.

Not counting your COUNTRY's IDOL, who do u want to win?

I got to pick Will Young

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