Thursday, December 25, 2003

Rainy Xmas


A storm was on Xmas day. It was wet, rainy and cold in Los Angeles! That's too bad that the rain wasn't snow. Everyone will have a ball in the snow.

Mike showed up for Xmas; he wondered if I had some company. I pulled a fast one on him, "Yes, I do!" He thought the person was sleeping on my bed. Mike looked at me funny. I said, "I have company. You walked in the door. You are the company!"

Mike's "blond" hair is a lot better since last night. He coloured his hair at my place. He didn't thought the stuff didn't work on him. He went online to see the new movies - Cold Mountain and Big Fish sounds interesting. He invited me to see Big Fish with me at Los Feliz. I declined; I don't want to go out in the storm.

I pulled our his favourite movie, Urban Cowboy. He wanted to see that for the longest time. We stayed in and watched that movie instead. I made some jello with peaches and popcorn. We had some popcorn. After the movie, he went straight home. I went online for a little while. Mike called me; his power went out in the neighborhood. He will take a nap. I watched All In The Family on Channel 2. I had some jello.

5PM, I watched The Grinch Who Stole Xmas with Jim Carrey and Josh Evans for the first time. Nah, I didn't like the movie that much. The cartoon version was much better! I keep on thinking about the cartoon. I wanted to see it again; I haven't see the cartoon in a few years.

I watched World Idol......see the separate entry of World Idol!

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