Saturday, December 20, 2003

12/20/03 Saturday


I was playing Tetris on my bed, relaxing. Mike showed up unannounced. I didn't want to let him in. I heard the knob turning. Suprised, he had the key with him for the first time. I had no choice except to let him in. I lied - I was sleeping. He wondered if he should bring the turkey, not really. I don't like turkey that much. I haven't tell him about my other xmas plans; I may spend it with Robert for dinner or go to the movies.

I better clean the filthy restroom. He want to buy his diet coke at 7/11. I gave Mike a dollar for coke. He vanished for a few mintues. I cleaned the restroom. He brought back the cokes and went straight to the computer. He wanted to watched Evita with Madonna. I mentioned to put it in. I finished up the spotless restroom. Evita wasn't playing. I put the tape in; we watched the movie. He sent a email to his old teacher.

Mike said he was hungry; I wanted to make fish. He claimed it was fattening! He wanted tuna instead; I got angry. He always have Tuna at my place. We had Tuna Helper on Tuesday. He begged; he promised he will pay me back. Mike claimed he was broke. He said he spend about $40 almost every day. Damn, he wasn't broke. I was broke no less! I only had $2 on me.

He persauded me for Tuna! I will make it after I took a shower; Nasty, I skunk up the place! hehe. He used the restroom without closing the door; the heat escapes. I got mad. Hey, I need that heat! I waited another hour to take a shower. Mike was hungry. He wanted to eat NOW! Hello, I wanted the shower first! Mike begged. He took two tuna cans; I said, "me too!" He wanted to use FOUR tuna! Hell, no! We don't need four! I grabbed some eggs. He put some water in the pan. I mentioned we don't heed water; three boiled eggs. He still think the tuna wasn't enough for the both of us. Hey, green beans or corn! He picked the green beans.

I jumped in the shower; the radio blasted! I got out. HE already eaten; he thought he had more than me. Nope, the food was right! I added more green beans to the tuna. Mike laughed about David/Liza - David didn't know how strong Liza can be when drunk! ROFL. He laid in the bed; watched Entertainment Tonight for a while. He said, he may go dancing tonight. He can't go the ZONE; he was broke. Tomorrow, The Zone sounds fagulous. $2 at 2, $3 at 3, $4 at 4 and so forth on Sundays. I bet Sundays is lots of fun.

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