Saturday, December 6, 2003

12/6/03 Saturday


Today turned out to be a pretty good day for me. I woke up early; I was so tired of that. I just want to sleep late. I went online for a while. I checked the TV Guide; there was nothing interest on Saturday Morning TV. It wasn't the same anymore. In my youth, I looked forward to watch Saturday Morning TV every week. Now, it just suxs.

I checked my phone message. Brian called me one hour ago; he need to use my computer. Homework was dued today. Everything in Santa Monica was closed. I was the next best thing for him. I am such a nice guy! I called him back; "come now, I will be waiting all day."

I watched Great Heroes Of The Bible on TBN. It was about Joseph and his brothers. They were so jealous of his relationship with their father that he was sold into slavery. I missed last week's. Adam & Eve episode was about two weeks ago. It was a good thing I caught the beginning of Adam & Eve. Great Heroes was the only worthwhile show to watch on Saturday mornings. In my youth, I was never big on Christian shows except for David & his dog on Sunday mornings. I forgot the name of his dog. It have been years I saw that show.

Brian came alone; Peter was in class. We felt relieved we had some time alone with each other. Every other time, they are always together at my place. I showed him Kelly's pic; he doesn't even recognised him either. We both wondered who Kely could be. We have no ideal. Even, Peter wouldn't know; he didn't last long at The Foundation House. Brian really like my email to Kelly; it was straight to the point.

Brian did his homework; I finished watching Great Heroes, then I turned off the TV. He need some peace and quite. I gave him some Tang. I played Yoshi. He finished by 2:30 PM. He relaxed and talked. We checked airline tickets to London; most prices was outragous! I can't even afford it.

4PM, It was time for Brian to meet Peter in Santa Monica; they want to see thexmas lights on 3rd street. I tagged along till Western. We caught 304. I got Kool Aid/lemonade at Smart & Final. Then, I brought bread at 7/11. I got home after 5 PM.

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