Monday, December 22, 2003

6.5 Earthquake


By now, u know that we was hit by a 6.5 earthquake. It wasn't that big; I was not a SCAREYKATT! I was online and watching the news. The earthquake came at 11:18 AM. I felt the rolls of the earthquake. The walls, the floor and others moved!

All the years I lived in Hollywierd, I was never been in a big earthquake till TODAY!

By now, i am so used to the earthquakes! There are more earthquakes on the way.

So, I didn't watch Y&R today; the earthquake news took over their time slot. Instead, I watch All My Children. I switched back to CBS. B&B was on with Brooke & Ridge. BARF ME OUT! I went back to All My Children! I care less about Ridge/Brooke.

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