Tuesday, December 9, 2003

Terry Lester


Tonight, I just learned that Terry Lester died at age 53. Terry was a famous soap actor on Young & Restless (Jack Abbot), Santa Barbara (Mason Capwell) and As The World Turns ( Royce Keller).

Wow, the news is WILDFIRE on the web!

So far, I haven't came across any NEWS ARTICLES about his death. I haven't check SOD web site yet. I may go there tomorrow. By then, some soaps sites will have the article!

Damn! I can't believe it that he died! Terry Lester was my FIRST JACK ABBOTT for me. I still remembered him on Y&R.

Maybe, he died HIV related death. Just don't qoute me! It is just a thought. I strongely suspected that. I believed he didn't got it from needles.

Few years ago, my gay friend, Paul, met him at a club in LA. Terry had a goatee and looked different. Paul knew he was Jack Abbott on Y&R.

Terry was cruising some men at the club last year.

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Are you doing his ghost any good by telling the world this guy went to a sex club. Shameful if this is the best you can come up with.

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