Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Whitney Houston


Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston

Over the weekend, Bobby hit the left side of Whitney's face with an open right hand during a fight. He didn't stay around; he fled to LA on a airplane!

He looked guilty by the minute. Whitney has cut upper lip and bruised cheek. Bobby just turned himself into the police for domestic abuse.

If Whitney doesn't leave Bobby this time, she is the most stupid person on earth. She doesn't need Bobby in her life or the kids' lifes either!

We know that Bobby is abusive & voilent. For God's sake, just leave and don't ever take him back, Whitney.

Your kids really depends on the mommy. You could do it as long as you walk away from Bobby. Don't let him sweet talk of taking him back. It wasn't good for you or the kids.

Your kids' safety comes first, just like yours! Whitney, if you don't leave, it could get lots worse the next time around for everyone involved.

I believed this WASN'T the first time that Bobby hit Whitney!

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