Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Indy Blu Eyes


Yesterday, I recieved three emails from Indyblueyes on CBS Soap Fans.

The following message was sent to you by INDYBLUEYES while viewing your Member Profile:

1) Did you ever stop to think thats what Terry might have wanted?

There was no service and obituary because thats what HE wanted.....the family
was only respecting HIS wishes. Did you know that he had a heart problem? did not........ its easier to smear smut and negativity.

2) But to put it on your website when you dont know for sure. it really any one's business? I think not!!!

3) How do you know that for sure? You shouldnt speak of anything that you do not know is to be the TRUTH !! I think this whole site of yous is SICK!!!
Reporting things you kno nothing about!!

I replied to her last email! Of course, I wished her a merry xmas! See, I am such a nice guy!


I don't need your NASTY ATTITUDE!

Afterall, I didn't start the AIDS rumor on the web!

What can Terry's family do to me?

Nothing at all!

Terry's family can't take me to court.


I will stand by what I said on my wonderful web site!

There is not a damn thing Terry's family or YOU do about!

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