Wednesday, December 17, 2003

12/17/03 Wednesday


Nothing big happens like always! My life does sux big time. Why can't my life be like The Simple Life?

I picked up my mail, just junk mail! I hardly pick up my mail that much. I mostly get my mail at home now. I may send my magazines back to the post office earlier next year. I called Robert at the bus stop. Sean and him have the flu. Taylor was mean to him the other week; Robert forgot to wish him a Happy Birthday last month. Damn, Taylor, you need to lay off him! Robert mentioned that he can't remember all his friend's birthday. That's true. Robert didn't call me on my birthday like Taylor. I wasn't even hard on Robert!

Robert wanted to see his mother for xmas; right now, he is very sick. So, he might cook xmas dinner for us. If he don't, I may go to the movies, Lord Of The Rings or party with Mike at my place. I told Robert that I may get a pussy next year. I can't go on living like this. I was so lonely, I need some company! He will help me to find one; he will get the pussy his shots too. He said I could try the newpapers.

I got home and watched my soaps. This week, I watching All My Children once again. It was good to see Erica Kane and everyone else! Whenever I am home, I will tape AMC and watch Y&R/B&B. I should have done that long time ago.

Evening, Brian called me during The OC. He needs to send an email - URGENT! Brian/Peter came over. I opened the front gate and thank them for the xmas card I got today. Brian checked the email; Brian and I watched TV. I boiled some eggs for a Tuna sandwich. Brian realized he can't copy the email. The copier wasn't working. I was too busy cooking to help him out.

It was getting late for them by 11 PM. I just finished the Tunafish; I didn't want them to leave yet; I made the tunafish just for them. I didn't want lots of leftovers. Of course, I was hungry too. They ate two sandwich and drank koolaid. I ate one and save the rest for tomorrow's lunch. Then they was off their way. They may come stay with me for the weekend!

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