Monday, December 1, 2003

Reality NBC


Fear Factor was exciting last night; the stunts was awesome. The first stunt - They need to put the flags on the other boat. Two boats was speeding side by side. The first guy missed the boat and fell in the water. Later, he complained to Joe Rogan about the stunt! He was a sore loser!

The second stunt was very gross; I was glad that I wasn't eating! Most times, I will eat during Fear Factor. I am trying to stomach the stunts while I eat. Someday, I will get on Fear Factor to conquer my fears! Yeah, right! I am not that crazy! LOL. Back to the second stunt, they arrived at a wine place. They need to make "WINE" with earth worms and drink the wine grass! I won't dare to do that stunt! I will throw up right then and there. I even don't like worms!

The last stunt was much like the first stunt - side by side trucks! They need to stand beside the moving trucks to put the 11 flags on the other truck. That stunt I could do unlike the boats. I can't swim! The guy won the money and Fear wasn't a factor for him!

Average Joe put on some heavy weight! ROFL! Melena became her fat cousin to see how they will treat her "cousin." Zack was most mean spirited about her; Duff: Destinated Ugly Fat Friend. The cousin came out at the end and revealed the truth; she was indeed Melena. She mentioned some hurt her cousin.

She got rid of Zack. Good for her! Zack was a big jerk throughout the show. In the first episode, Mr Lowlife himself cracked an egg on someone's head. Since then, the men doesn't like Zack that much! Who could blame them?

Then, she say bye to one of the hunks, Michael! He was the one who first introduced himself to Melana that he wasn't a contestant and she will meet the REAL Average Joes in the first episode.

The showdown was Average Joe (Adam) versus Hunk (Jason) in a two hour final next monday night on NBC at 9 PM. I had feelings that the HUNK will get the girl! They always do!

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