Thursday, December 18, 2003

12/18/03 Thursday


Once again, the damn ants came back strong! I tried to track them down. I thought they came behind the computer again. So, I pulled the desk from the wall; put salt by the wall. I noticed that ant came from under the desk, not THE WALL! Drats! The ants always find another way to get the food for their queen! I got the flashlight. I follow the trail to the bed; they were coming under the bed! Damn, those ants!

Well, my place was a big mess. I cleaned my place. I lost the anttrail; I will set a trap tonight to finish off the trail for good! I chatted with Ray online for a while. We haven't talk in a few weeks. I told him I may get a pussy; he claimed I better get a dog instead. Yeah, he might be right. I need to go out more. I hardly go out anymore. Hmm, I wondered why!

I put off cleaning a few times. I was done by the evening time. I need to clear the stuff under the bed. Then I will know for sure of where the ant trail leads to. I used the flashlight by my bed. I couldn't see any ants by the wall. Well, By tomorrow, I will know! Hopefully, I won't have any more ant problems! Then again, I had that pesky problem over a year. Wait till the next resident move in! He will have the same ant problem like me! I won't even tell any of them.

I set the ant trap on the computer desk. For some odd reason, Tang attracts them! That's how I tracked down the trail the last time by accident; lots of ants wants a taste of Tang! I firgured I defeated the ants. My God! They kept on coming back to pester me! How many rounds I have to go with the ants? I believed this is about round 15; it must be more than that! I won't be defeated by them!

My place was spotless now! Clean and spotless! Tomorrow may be another story! The battle with the damn ants continues......

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