Friday, December 26, 2003

Earth Journal


I made up my mind. I might as well put Earth Journal on another Journal site. I may get rid of AOL next year. You know what will happen, my Journal and the web site will be NO MORE! I hardly chat on the web that much. Being online takes up most of my time. No, I wasn't ADDICTION to the web. I was so BORED with the web. I go online every day. There was nothing to do at all.

I used Blogger, the one I forgot I used for ScareyKATT last year. I put every single entry in the NEW Earth Journal on Blogger. It took me all day. Yes, I got extremely mad. Twice, I have to restart it. When I add an link, somehow, it messed up every entry I put in. Damn, I was very mad. I even got mad at GOD! I didn't know what I went wrong. I was at the last month, December 2003. I added a link. Same thing happened! I cursed out loud to God! I tried once more. The third time wasn't a charm.

I noticed I coud put the actual day on the journal too. Even that gave me problems. When I put in the date, it always ended up being the Today's date! I was mad!

Somehow, I fixed the damned problem! Earth Journal was up and running! I got a bright ideal. Hey, I will put the old journal on Blogger too! Same problem occurred! DAMN IT! DAMN IT!

I was so tired of putting both journals on Blogger. It took me all afternoon and the evening time. I needed a break. Even my back was sore from sitting in the chair! Well, That does it for now. Just enjoy the Earth Journal while u can on AOL. U will read it on Blogger too starting today! Don't forget Old Journal too.


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