Thursday, December 4, 2003

12/4/03, Thursday


I got up early about 6 AM. I went online for a while and ate breakfast. I left my place at 7:20; walked to the post office with the bag. Damn, I was early. They opened at 8:30. I waited over 40 minutes, playing the gameboy. The gameboy always pass up time for me. They opened the door. An old lady wanted to cut in line; I became the second person.

The guy sent me to the door for the package. I was fourth in line. They finally saw me; not Apt 4, I lived in 6th. I went to the table, put the two boxes in the bag. They wouldn't fix; I opened the boxes and put the movies in the bag. I walked outside, it was getting hot. I put my leather coat in the bag too. I walked home.

I had time to watch a movie till Y&R comes on. I put Prince Of Egypt in the VCR. I saw that movie with Grek Cole at Century City on a cold day in 1998. We both liked the movie. The splitting of the sea was an awesome force! It gave me chill, it still does to this day.

I watched Y&R; Vicki let Nick have it big time for turning on his father. Nick admitted the truth to her. Sharon talked to Victor, he mentioned that he put Nick in Charge. Phyllis told Jack about Victor's illegal dealings; She decided it was time to move on with their lifes. Her job is important to her; she was pleased with her work. Sharon ran into Cameron at Nick's office; she told Michael Baldwin about the abusive relationship. Jack called Nikki to stay put; it was time to tell her about Victor.

I watched Days for a while till I went to the Smart & Final for popcorn and Tang. I went home; caught the last half of Passions. Then, I finished watching Days. I watched The Road To El Dorado; another fabulous movie. The rest of the day, I watched TV, ate mac & chesse and about to go to bed. My day was fulfilling. Good night, guys.

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