Friday, December 5, 2003

Robert Hilger


Well, Rober Hilger, it have been a long time coming.

I decided to write the nasty lowdown about you.

You really hurt me by lying about $200 you borrowed from me six months ago.

You promised you will pay me back.

I haven't see a cent of my money since then.

We ran into each other about two months ago; u claimed u will pay me back that month!

For some strange reason, u don't want to pay me back at all either time.

Hello, u are not being a good friend.

You haven't even call me about that money either!

Some friend u turned out to be.

Why are u mistreating me?

I never did anything wrong with u.

I guess u just want to use my kindness.

That is such a shame; friends doesn't use each other!

I truly felt used by you; I was never like that to you.

All the times u need money, I was the one to SAVE your hide.

Now, u don't care a damn about me; u only care about my money.

I already know u don't want to pay me back

If u truly care about me, u would have done so long time ago.

To this day, u are avoiding me by not paying the $200 back

I just lost faith in u

Remember, u hurted me first.

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