Wednesday, December 3, 2003

12/3/03 Wednesday


Today, I wanted to go out and do something. I did nothing yesterday. I figured the movies will be here by yesterday. Boy, I was wrong. I got a email from Columbia House, stating the movies are on the way.

I watched my soaps except Passions. I waited for the 304 bus over 30 minutes! Bus 2 and 4 come lots of times. I thought I wouldn't make it time at the post office. Thanx to 304, I got my mail! I haven't been out this late in the afternoon; I usually get the mail in the morning. I missed out alot. I must adventure out in the afternoon more. Also, I haven't been out in the evening in a long time.

I caught the 304 bus to Smart & Final on Western; that place was packed! I grabbed the cart. I need to get oatmale, but I forgot the other thing! It came to me - peanut butter! I wanted to get more stuff; I didn't want to take it on the bus. So, I settle on two things. Tomorrow, I may pick up more stuff like popcorn and candy.

I took 304 straight home. I did my thing - soaps and online. The mailman left a note - YES, my movies are here! I can't wait to get from the post office. I was so excited; I ordered the movies about two weeks ago before Thanxgiving. I just finshed my deal with Columbia House! I ordered three movies at the FULL PRICE! I don't have to get any more movies from them! I may sign up for the CDs with them or BMG Music Service.

I ate two peanut butter sandwich for supper. I was that hungry. A neighbor used my microwave; he wanted to exchange movies then we will give their movie back to each other. I didn't want to. I hid my movies from him. He came back with Scoripon King. I lied, "I watched it." For the rest of the day, I watched my shows.I ate another PB sandwich!

By 10 PM, I was getting tired. It's time for bed. I need to get up early to pick up the movies from the post office. You may heard from me later on this evening. If not, good night, sweet dreams.

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