Sunday, December 7, 2003

12/7/03 Sunday


This morning - I left a message on the Brian's machine, "I can't make it tonight for Peter's concert." He picked up the phone. I explained my friend will take me out to supper tonight. Brian came over to use the computer again; he need to send more homework to his teacher in the email. If he knew he will have the same teacher for two classes, he wouldn't take another class with her. She gives too much homework to her students.

Brian searched for a white shirt on the web for Peter; he needed one for the concert. Brian sent a text message to Peter. I played Yoshie and watched I Love Lucy. Peter returned one to Brian, "I got one at Macy's." Peter asked Brian, "What kind of flake I am?" I told Brian to say "Lucky flake!" in the text message. Peter sent one back, "Kazz is funny that he should work on 4rd street." Then, I am a lucky funny flake! ROFL

I wanted to cancel the supper with my friend; I should go to show him some support. I was about to put on nice clothes, but I haven't spend any time with the other friend. Brian wondered if it was Miguel. Hell, no! Miguel was done with me after I failed him last month; I didn't bring him any money to Hollywood/Highland. Who was the mystery date? Hmm, I will say one thing - my lips are sealed! I won't gossip about my personal life! hehe

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