Friday, December 26, 2003

Passions 12/22


The Monday episode (12/22/03) of Passions was the best PASSIONS episode I ever saw this year.

Everyone got to find a way to get your hands on that episode!

I got my wish - The Addams Family came to Tabby's! They are their cousins! Even Boozy Boozeborne was HER cousin too!

Cousin Harry was Cousin IT! I should have known! Harry is HAIRY much like Cousin It is! U get my griff! hehe

U know that Nurse Kravitz was on LAUGH IN in the late 60's. She mentioned to the teens that she had some dreams about being on that show with Golden Hawn! That was classic!

Then later on in Tabby's kitchen with The Addams Family.....they did a Laugh In spoof! U should have seen it! ROFL

JER is very smart of doing HOMAGES! Lots of us grow up with Bewitched, The Addams Family, Phycho, Laugh In and others!

Passions is more fun with the homages!

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