Friday, December 5, 2003

12/5/03 Friday


Nothing exciting happened today in the boring life of Kazz Falcon. Why can't my life be like Young & Restless, my favourite soap?

Speaking of Y&R, it was pretty good. Coleen can't go to the xmas dance with JT; Tracy wanted to spend some time with her before the book tour. Jack told Nikki the truth of Victor's illegal business dealings; she couldn't accept that Victor will do such a thing. Nikki learned Jack/Phyllis's separation; it started to dawn on her. Victor came home; Nikki slapped him, "How dare u?" Michael tried to reason with Sharon, "blackmail Cameron too." Suddenly, Nick's secretary told Sharon that he wanted to see her right now.

I watched B&B; BORING!!! Brooke's doctor did the test on the baby. Ridge, Nick & Brooke will know the father of the baby in a few days. Brooke wanted the fued between Ridge/Nick to stop. Ridge still believed that Nick took advantage of Brooke when everyone assumed he was dead. Jackie & Stephanie talked about their sons; Jackie hoped the baby is Nick's, not Ridge's, then Nick will stay in town afterall to be with the woman he loves and their baby.

NBC 4 messed up; I wasn't able to watch Days or Passions. So, I went shopping at Smart & Final three days in a row. I brought more Tang and one lemonade. I put them in the bag. I caught 156 bus to Vermont/Santa Monica. I was tempted for 304, but I stayed put. I caught 4 all the way home. A asian guy asked for directions of a Sunset address. Sorry, I didn't help him. I have no ideal of the address. I could have take him home with me. Yes, I do have the web. Hopefully, something will come out of it! LOL

I watched TV, online, my unusally whore things I do! I finally recieved my Soap Opera Digest magazine. I thought Soap Opera Weekly will come together. SOW may come tomorrow or next week. The OC teens was on the front cover of Entertainment Weekly. Lots of people are into that show.

That was about the day I had. Isn't my life pretty exciting?

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