Tuesday, December 9, 2003

12/9/03 Tuesday


I woke up at 8AM. I stayed in bed for 30 more minutes. I just want to relax. I got up at 8:30. I got dressed. I went online for a short time. Once again, I headed out to Smart & Final for more Kool Aid, Lemonade and butter. This was about my 7th time in a week! I caught 156 to Vermount and jumped on 4 in front of me. Bus 4, I need to walked up the steps. I normally wait for the non step bus; it is easier to take the groceries on the bus.

I forgot the pull the cord at my stop. I got off at the next bus stop. I went to 7/11 for milk, then I went home. Jerry Springer was on; once again, I find it interesting to watch. I noticed that they let the audience STIPPED for New Orleans necklaces. You know? In New Orleans, you will get a necklace for showing your private part in front of the public. I never did that before, except the bath house few years ago! Yes, I was a big tramp back then! lol

During one segment, the audience danced on the stage to Hillbilly music; things went back to normal! Forget that! What is normal on Jerry Springer show? It is just sleaze all year long. The topic was love triangles - one lady want to take her cousin's hubby from her. The lady's boyfriend didn't like that; she don't want another kid - she wants a MAN! Ohhh, la la! I may watch it again tomorrow if there's nothing good on!

I watched my soaps till I went to Smart & Final for the upteeth time! I just got chips and eggs. Then I went home, relax, watched Passions on tape, my regular shows and such. The ants got worse on the computer desk; the trail went to my empty cup, which I had TANG! I got my small flashlight; I wished I got a big one at Smart 7 Final - there was a nice size. The small one wasn't working right. I fixed it thou, I twisted the top till the light came on.

I found the beginning of the trail; under the carpet by the wall next to the computer. Yes, I got on all fours......hee haw....hee haw.....and put salt to end the trail! A while passed, the ants seemed to be gone! It was about time too. The ants have been on the desk over a month. I tried to find the trail, but couldn't. This time, I was successful!

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