Friday, December 12, 2003

Terry Lester's AIDS death


Original Jack Abbott - dead!
The Genoa City News has confirmed that Terry Lester (the original Jack Abbott) is dead at the age of 53. While rumored to have died late last month from AIDS, no official cause of death was given.

Abbott is seen in this 1984 photo with Lindsey Wells (right) and Carole Robbins. Wells took sexual photos of Jack with his step mother, Jill Abbott, and tried to blackmail him. Robbins was a loyal Jabot employee.

An news article from Y&R News.

Well, I am not suprised about Terry dying from AIDS! I mentioned few days ago that he died from HIV related death.

I truly believed I was the first one who brought up HIV! I just hope that no one will make a BIG DEAL about his AIDS death. He belonged where he should be now - In Heaven, looking down to his family and fans!

I know he did NOT get HIV from needles. He couldn't be a druggie. It must have to do with sex.

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