Thursday, August 19, 2004

World's Biggest Hypocrite


World's Biggest Hypocrite.

That's me! I became an sorry excuse for an human being! I have to get out of the human skin. It really doing a number on this alien. I was losing control of my inner being. I was becoming too human for my own good. I can't give in to the human skin. It was taking over this alien.

Miguel called me about same old crap. Nope, it didn't came. He mentioned he was horny. I made an dumbass move; I invited him over for a little while. Yesterday, I promised myself no sex at all. Today, look at me. I was thinking with Jack, instead of my brain. He will be over in 90 minutes. I stayed online for a little while. I took a quick shower. I heard the phone rang. Damn, he can't be here already. 90 minutes wasn't that fast.

I ran to get the phone. I almost fell two times from being all wet. The phone rang again. He was at Alvarado. I dried myself quickly. I jumped into my clothes and ran out of the door. My neighbor was going out too. He held the door for me. We saw another neighbor walking the door. They both talked as I hurried to the corner to meet Miguel. I waited for a while. Miguel haven't show up. The neighbor was coming. So far, no Miguel. He crossed the street to wait for the bus. I thought Miguel was at the chinese place. Nope, I walked back to the corner.

The neighbor was still at the bus stop. I waited at the corner. I saw 304 bus passed by. I figured Miguel was on the bus. I almost cross the street till I heard someone called out my name. It was Miguel, up the street from my place. He wanted me to go to him. Man, why should I? He could have walk to me. I was hungry. He wanted me to go to his sister for the weekend. I didn't say nothing. I don't want to face his sister. We got something at the Chinese place, then we went home.

Miguel took off his clothes for a quick shower. I ate shrimp fried rice in a bowl. We had sex. I cleaned myself up. He asked, "Do you hate me?" I mentioned I didn't. I said to myself, I really hate myself for being a damn hypocrite! He rested for a while. He wanted sex again. I was tired. He took another shower. I joined him in the shower for sex. He was moarning alot. We washed ourselves. I dried myself off first, I handed Miguel a new towel. He went Yahoo. Before he got there, I deleted his AOL screen name. He had some trouble chatting; it was different from AOL!

I watched my soaps. He rested for a while. Mike called me; he can't come over right now because he was here. Instead, this weekend will be best for him. He need to send an email to this guy. .I was online. He finally ate his chinese food. He rested more. He got dressed. He was online again. I checked the mail. Finally, I got some mail! I haven't get any mail in a week. I went in my place and opened the bill. Man, I was so cheap that the gas bill was cheapest! LOL. I mentioned I have no milk. Miguel offered to buy me some. Man, I was a good actor! He will STILL do anything for me. Ohhh, how sweet! hehe. We walked to 7/11. He wanted me to walked him to the 304 bus stop. I refused, I don't want to walk with the milk.

He wanted to buy a wine bottle. There wasn't any, except wine coolers. I persauded him to get the wine coolers. He can have one; I can have the rest. We walked to the corner. He grabbed an wine cooler. I brought up his sister, she was dead set against me of going to her place. She was still mad at me. Miguel changed his mind; he will wait till he get his unemployment check. We parted ways. I put the wine coolerin the frig. I finished the food. I was online again and watched FOX11. I drank an wine cooler as I continued Earth Journal. He called me during King Of Queens. He was home now. He waited 45 mintues for 304 bus. He may come over this weekend. I told him earlier that I have other plans.

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