Friday, August 13, 2004

Days Of Our Lives

Whitney Houston

Days Of Our Lives and Passions won't be on two weeks from August 16 to August 27. They will be back on August 30, Monday!

At the end of Day's today episode, we were treated to lots of previews.....I meaned LOTS! They normally do three previews each show.

For the week of Monday, August 30........this is the previews from Days Of Our Lives!

Sami tells Lucas that this is the happiest day of her life, this is the perfect day, and she knows nothing could ever ruin it.

Sami says that she’s afraid she’s jinxed it and something bad will happen. Lucas tells her not to worry, nothing bad will happen.

Later, Brandon calls, and Lucas answers the phone. Sami takes the phone and says she’s so glad he called, and that she loves him too.

Brady tells Nicole that he’s flying to Vienna to be with Chloe. We then see Brady, on the phone, and he says Chloe cannot die!

Nancy returns and tells Brady that Chloe is gone, her baby is gone. Nicole hears this and says it doesn’t matter now, as long as she is dead!

We then see an image of a bandaged Chloe in the hospital calling for Brady.

Mimi tells Belle that she thinks has uterin cancer.

Phillip tells Belle that he has to be completely honest with her. He says she is his mystery woman, he has always loved her and he always will.

Belle and Phillip kiss, which a spying Jan sends to Shawn over the computer.

Shawn breaks out of his cell when Jan opens her front door. Shawn is standing there. She asks what he is doing, and he decks her!

Patrick delivers Jen’s baby. She says it is a miracle, and she thanks him.

Roman asks Marlena if she is afraid he’s going to die? Later, Roman says if he’s going to die, than he is the one he wants to be with. Roman tells MArlena that he wants to make love to her! They then begin to make love!

Abe and Hope capture the mysterious person in the jungle who has been following them. The person has a handkerchief over their face. Hope wonders if this is their captor, and she goes to damask him. (It looks like a man, and that it is eitherTony or Jack, I’m thinking Jack)

Kate and John are at Basic Black, and they are now dressed. Kate says Marlena is dead, she is as dead as Roman and they aren’t coming back.

Bo is in his computer working. He says he knows Hope is alive, he can feel it. Bo listens to the signal and wonders why it sounds so familiar? He asks what it reminds him of, then he remembers. Bo then says Roman and Marlena are alive!

Back at Basic Black, Kate tells John that she needs his help. John says he’ll help her any way he can as a friend. She says she needs him more than a friend. She says Marlena and Roman would want them to go on without them, they would want them to be there for each other.

John and Kate begin to make love on the desk at Basic Black when Bo walks in on them. He is shocked and says they are alive, his wife and her husband, Marlena and Roman are alive! Kate promptly faints!

Tony looks at a photo of Roman and Marlena, at the island penthouse, and says “Will your loved ones rescue you in time, oh please don’t hold your breath!”

Don't forget...........2004 August 30, Monday on your local NBC station.

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