Friday, August 27, 2004

Drug problem


9:48 PM - Miguel called me. He wanted to say goodnight, I love you. I asked him about toight. She cooked lots of food; they had a wonderful meal.

His family really like me. Marcelia ALWAYS likes me since day one. They are proud of me; they liked my apartment.

All this time, he thought his brother hate him for being gay. Nope, he loves him no matter what.
He brought up that Mikey knows that he is gay. His brother was mad at him for telling him. It wasn't Mikey's business to know.

His family noticed he wasn't the same person; they want the OLD Miguel back. Miguel explained he had a drug problem. He met the "drug friends" at the clubs. He like shooting up a lot. It made him to feel good. HE told them that he will try to quit. I doubt that. His family loves him very much and cares for him. He doesn't like his life at all; it is going down in the toilet.

He may moved to Palm Springs. He can live at his friend's house. He can get a job; there are many restuarants. In a way, he doesn't want to move; he will miss me.

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