Monday, August 23, 2004

Human Skin

By Kazz Falcon

The human skin was taking over this alien
I have to get out of the human skin
It really doing a number on this alien
The emotions was clouding my judgment
I was losing control of my inner being
I was becoming too human for my own good
I can't give in to the human skin.
It was suffocating the life out of me
I could hardly breathe
The skin was getting too tight on me
I don't like what the skin was doing to me
I must find my own kindI truly felt trapped
Damn, I was in danger of losing myself
I don't want to lose touch with the aliens
It was ruining my chances of reuniting with the aliens
I won't remember my former self
Please! I need to go home
The skin was holding me hostage against my will
I must fight the dreadful human skin

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