Saturday, August 7, 2004

Quick Upate


Yes, I know! I seldomly do Earth Journal! Here is a quick update thou

July 24, Saturday - Miguel was here drunk. I was at a party with friends. Someone mentioned the police kicked him out. Full details can be find at Running Away.

Therefore, that was the FINAL straw

The next few days, i won't talk to him or let him in. He burned me so many times from his drinking. Of course, he was desperated. He have no clothes or money.

I told the apartment manager the truth - Miguel is an alcohol! He wanted his bag. So, he can give it to Miguel instead.

I sent Olga an post card about Miguel's drinking. "Miguel is homeless. Miguel doesn't live with a friend. Miguel isn't working. Miguel lost his job few monthes ago. Miguel is an ALCOHOLIC! Miguel needs help with his drinking problem. Please open up your eyes."

Also, I gave Chuck Olga' phone number and Miguel's pager number too. He called her to tell him to pick up his bag.

August 6, Friday - Chuck mentioned that Olga haven't return his phone call nor Miguel pick up his bag. I told him that Miguel called me; he will come over to my place for the bag. Chuck gave me his bag.

Miguel finally arrived in the evening. I met him halfway. I noticed that Chuck was outside the gate. I think he knew that I was with Miguel.

there wasn't any problems with Miguel, no fighting and such. Get this? Miguel drank some alcohol at my place. Yet, I didn't complain. I can't wait till he leaves for good with his things. He packed up his bag. Another bag was for his shoes. He rested for a while. He was tired. We hardly talk during the whole time.

He found the letter in the side pocket. I grabbed it from him. I didn't want him to read it at my place. So, he went to the restrooom, i put the letter back in the bag on TOP OF HIS CLOTHES.

By now, miguel knows how i felt about his drinking. Lately, he keep on calling me. I won't answer the phone. Hopefully, he will leave me alone.

I walked him to the bus stop. See, all the trouble that Miguel gave me, i am STILL a nice guy. He can't take two bags to the bus stop. It was too heavy for him. I put the big bag on the bus. I got off the next stop. I just went home. The big bag tired me out.

Today - I noticed that Miguel called me after 1 AM. I was glad I missed his phone call. I know he was probably DRUNK and so mad about the letter from the bag. Well, I just checked the message; he thanked me. The message was from the evening thou. I was wrong. He wasn't drunk after all.

I won't talk or see him at all. It is best to STAY AWAY from each other.

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