Thursday, August 19, 2004

Life Story

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The ABFAB story of The Queen

My name is Kazz Falcon. I was born in DFW, Texas, I left FW in my early 20's and moved to Dallas; there was nothing for me in boring FW! I spent the early 90's in Dallas two times and moved to Hollywood, the land of broken dreams and famous people! After three years, I moved to New Orleans for two months then back home to Hollywood. I lived all over LA (Downtown LA, West Hollywood, Hollywood, Echo Park, Silverlake) and went back to boring FW for two longest boring months of my freaking life! Once again, I headed back to Hollywood in 1999. I have been here ever since!

The reason I moved back to Hollywood, it is so me and there are lots of things to do! I wouldn't trade Hollywood for anything! Growing up I spent alot of time playing Atari 5200, I was quite good. I watched lots of TV too; the TV was actually my friend. I hardly hang out with the other kids on the block. I don't miss anything about FW, except my good friends in Dallas! :-)

Here are some pieces of the life story. Enjoy!

BRAND NEW! 1. Running Away - I thought that Linda Harris’s accident was a blessing in disguise. In reality, I was just prolonging the pain and suffering by running away and letting Miguel Garcia’s drinking continue to be my problem.

2. Ted & Chris - I broke up their relationship. I had sex with Chris.

3. Shoplifting - My late teens adventures. I was quite good at shoplifting.

4. Family 1999 - The most two boring months ever in my life in 1999.

To be of these days.

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