Saturday, August 14, 2004

Old Journal


Good morning! It is a new day.

Oops, what was I thinking? It was only 1:05 AM. I haven't went to bed yet! Oh well!

Good night! Hold it! I wasn't going to bed now.......after this post I will.

My day ends when I go to sleep

My day begins when I wake up.

Got that?

All evening long, I updated my OLD JOURNAL!

Damn, it took me a long time. It made me so tired. I have to fix Earth Journal on Blogger too. I will do it this weekend.

Old Journal is now open for business! Please leave any comments over there. It is good to heard from other people.

Yes, there may be backlash, but I really don't care. Everyone have their own opinion and we won't see eye to eye on EVERYTHING!

We are only human.

I take it back. You guys were only human. I was just a sweet lovable alien! hehe

Okay, that was all I have to write. I need to pick up my mail and, hopefully, spend the weekend with friends.

That's it. Good night! Sweet Dreams!

Peace out.

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