Monday, August 16, 2004

8/16/04 Monday


I woke up earlier (6:30) than the set alarm clock at 6:55 AM. I wanted to go back to sleep. Instead, I laid in bed for a little while. I took a shower. I went online to check the messages in the forums. My neighbor's one year old kid walked in my place. I told Ronald to come in too. The mother came along; she was running late. I put out my arms. The sweet kid did the same thing. I picked him up and take him outside to his mother. I went back inside and finished the messages.

9 AM - I caught the Sunset bus, then the train to Vine. I played Tetris on the bus bench, good old Tetris till It was time to go to class. I wasn't sure what door to go to. I thought it was the resident's gate. I looked at the address again. The way was in the alley. I rung the doorbell; no answer. I did it again. Finally, the lady answered the door. I explained I was here for the computer class. She let me in.

I sat at the table. Man, the room was so hot. I begun to sweat. Well, I know I have to wear shorts from now on in class. I just can't handle the heat that well. A guy came out later; he recognized me at Waterloo. He brings the donated food to the apartments. He was one handsome dude, very muscular! He mentioned that Katrina was running late. Yolando was happy to see me; she gave me a bottle of water. Katrina finally showed up. We went to her desk. Oops, the programs was already on the computer. We went back to the desk.

I first started off on Windows 2000. After a while, I don't need to learn 2000. I was already on Windows XP Home. I closed down Windows 2000 and opened up XP. It was quite hard. I was stuck a few times. I got frustrated and MAD! Boy, I didn't want to scream at the computer! LOL. I kept the anger at an minimum. I really didn't like the computer class at all. I was the only one there. Top it all, I need to learn on the computer. I will rather to learn by the book. I may see if they have something at the bookstore.

I heard the workers talking about lunch. Hmm, lunch! I checked my watch, 12:08. I was hungry too. I wanted to leave. I saw Yolando put out her cigerette. She came in. I told her that I was leaving for lunch. She mentioned she will be at the apartment later on. So, I left. I walked to the bookstore on Vine/Sunset. Nope, they didn't have it. I waited for the bus. I stood up on the bus. People got off the bus. I finally sat down near the back door. We arrived at Western.My friend said, "Hi," and got off the bus.

I was suprised to see my long time friend. I haven't see Wayne in a few years. The last time was in Beverly Hills; he checked about his first parking ticket and Miguel and I was there for Miguel's court date. We chatted for a while. He thought I was out all night cruising. WRONG! hehe. I wasn't same person when we first met. I wasn't interest of cruising unlike the old days. I wanted to go with him; I have nothing else to do. He declined, he was picking up his meds on Wilshire. He mentioned that his apartment building was sold. He have no ideal what will happen to his Section 8 housing.

I wondered about his car. Wayne sold it; he can't drive any more. He was on too many meds. Wayne was his funny self; he wanted to kill people with his car! LOL. I gave him my number. He will call me later this week. We hugged and parted ways. His bus came first. I should have stayed on my bus! I just wanted to go home. Then again, it was nice to see old friends. I thought about taking the subway home, but the bus came. I went home. I saw my friend, Ken, going out with his dogs. He thought I was in school; nah, just the computer class. I told him I didn't like it. He agreed that it is good to take the class with a few people. He wants to go back to school. He needs someone to walked his dogs.

I went in my place. The VCR was still taping. It was only 1:45. I waited till 2 to watched my soaps. I ate a peanut better sandwich. I was done with the soaps by 4:35. I was online for a while. I fell asleep during The Simpsons. My new favourite show, The King Of Queens, woke me up. I loved KOQ very much. It was a funny show. I loved it! My ex got me started on that show.

Doug and the next door neighbor fought over the fense. Doug didn't like the fense was higher. Then, he put in a new swimming pool. Doug and his wife, Carrie, was too hot at their place; no AC. Carrie wanted to see the neighbors as much Doug wanted to use their pool to cool off! Doug's friends used the pool. Doug used the pool alone. At night, Carrie left the court papers on the ball. The ball went into the pool with the papers. Carrie got the papers. She stuck her feet in the pool. The water felt so good thatshe took a swim. The neighbors caught her. She served the papers any way. LOL

I was still tired that I laid in bed, watching TV. I was online for a while. I watched TV in bed. I was hungry. I fixed myself a TV dinner. I watched Summerland, another fagulous show. The rest of the day, I was online, then bed time. I may not go to the computer class at all. I may go to the shelter about their class instead. They learned by the book. Well, that was my day.

Today was Madonna's birthday. Happy birthday, Madonna! Oprah started her jury duty in Chicago for a murder trial! She hopes it doesn't take more than a week; she have her talk show to do for the new season. Well, Oprah, I think all murder trials will last more than a week. It was delay the start of her new season!

Talk to you guys later. Good night. Sweet dreams.

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