Friday, August 20, 2004

Invalid Gay Marriages

By Kazz Falcon

August 12, 2004, Thursday was a sad day
California Supreme Court voided all gay marriages
Yes, the gays was disappointed
We still have a long road to travel
We won’t stop from getting what we want
We want Equal Rights, the same rights as straights
They truly believed they was still married
No one can’t take their license away
We earned the license to marry
We want the luxury of a marriage
"Till death do us apart"
It’s logically for a couple to get married
It shows the people that they are truly in love
Yet, most states wouldn’t change their marriage law
We must go elsewhere to have a wedding
It wasn’t wrong for anyone to be married
Why should we deny the right?
It was about us, our love and our freedom
That is what matters the most
We will prevail to equal rights and gay marriages

Copyright © 2004 Kazz Falcon

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