Sunday, August 22, 2004

Damn Virus


Before it gets late, nothing really happened today. It was an quite day. This afternoon, I recieved a damn virus on the computer. I used Norton Anit Virus. Well, the homepage was whacked! THe more times I fixed the homepage, it ended up on the sleaze! It was frustrated too. I thought fixing the homepage will do the trick! No way, no how!

On my slow days, I will post my art in Earth Journal

Different Set Of Rules
By Kazz Falcon

It was so true for gays/straights people
Gays can't be lovey dovey in public
Straights can
Gays can't be married
Straights can
Gays can't raise children
Straights can
Gays can't be themselves
Straights can
Gays don't have enough rights
Straights do
It have been like this FOREVER
When will the rules end?
We must do something
The rules weren't fair for the gays
I know what you were going to say"Life isn't fair"
We had the power to make it better
Let’s grant the gays the same set of rules

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